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Having coffee in the morning might seem good, but here’s something even better: coffee-scented candles without the caffeine.  

This scent is reminiscent of freshly ground coffee beans, on a Sunday morning.  We think it is the best coffee fragrance we have ever smelt. No chocolate or vanilla notes, just pure roasted coffee.

Warning....its still addictive!

Recommended for all spaces - where you want to smell coffee!

 300g / 50hrs + burn time / Cotton wick

Golden Oak lid included

Top Notes:        Bright coffee berry
Middle Notes:  Fresh expresso grounds

Base Notes:      Expresso  

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All of our candles are made with the highest quality 100% pure soy wax, which means not only will they look and smell good in your home, they are also great for the environment as soy wax is natural, non toxic and a renewable product derived from soybean oil. Our wicks are 100% cotton and don't contain any lead or harmful metals. 

Soy candles will also last up to three times longer than petroleum based candles and offer a cleaner burn and a greater scent throw compared to other wax types.