The Vix Wix Story.....

Where it all began.....

I have loved candles as far back as I can remember - from the candles on my childhood birthday cakes to burning them everywhere in my own home as a grown up.  A few years ago, I decided I would make my own - melt some wax, throw fragrance in it and pour into a glass jar - simple right? I soon learnt making candles was a complex craft.  But I loved creating them and to my surprise, friends and family were loving my fragrances and the long lasting effects of the scent and burn time.   

Hi there, I'm Vicki, creator of Vix Wix that was born in Noosa, Queensland, on a very small kitchen bench in 2015. Everything was hand made by me including the swing tag that I tediously stamped on every single letter of the fragrance. 

Word got around about these Vix Wix candles, and soon I was stocking local businesses in my area - still with that dam swing tag that ironically people loved! 

Fast forward to the present, and although every Vix Wix candle is still handmade and hand poured by me, I have upgraded (thankfully) to the stick on label, freeing up time to create more beautiful candles.  I hope you love them as much I love creating them.

Our Product.....Simple, Natural, Gorgeous Scents

Vix Wix candles are hand-poured in small batches in my Noosa Studio, Queensland, using the highest quality soy wax and premium fragrance oils. I personally blend fragrance oils to make a unique scent for some of my candles.         

  • eco-friendly natural soy wax (no nasties)
  • pure cotton and paper braid wicks                             
  • high quality fragrance oils                                     
  • no paraffin
  • no unnatural additives                       
  • no animal testing
  • quality glass containers

Soy candles burn at least 50% longer and cleaner than paraffin candles, and burn evenly so there is little wax left on the side of the jar.

For each candle fragrance on our product pages, we have recommended if it should be burned in a large or small space as some fragrances are strong and can be overpowering if burned in a small space.